1/32 Ferrari F1-75 2022


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Handcrafted in the Heart of the UK.
This bodyshell is eligible for BSCRA racing series from 10th June 2022.
1/32 scale Vacuum Formed bodyshell is suitable for all BSCRA legal F1/F2 racing chassis.
See the real car in action on YouTube (Click here).
  • A unique rear wing design which promotes greater rear downforce whilst reducing drag, utilising proven aerodynamic principles.
  • Ultra low centre of gravity.
  • Provided with separate driver figure.
  • Nominal thickness 0.007 thou.
  • Supplied unpainted.
  • This product is made using clear PVC for a more robust and crash resilient bodyshell.
  • These bodyshells are made to order. Please allow at least 7 days for receipt.